Air Testing & Balancing

Air balancing is testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) commercial air conditioning and ventilation systems. The need for balancing first came in the early 1980's when new and more advanced A/C systems were being developed and installed. As these systems began to get more complex, the need for balancing increased. Most companies were not equipped to handle the TAB inspections. Independent TAB companies were created to handle these tasks.

Balancing Tasks:

  • Set up the amount of airflow that is distributed from each air diffuser.
  • Measure total airflow on all A/C and exhaust systems.
  • Balance airflow on each supply and exhaust grille.
  • Measure volts, amps, statics, RPM's, temperatures, and set minimum outside air requirements on all A/C units.
  • Balance water flow on all pumps, cooling towers, chillers, boilers,  and air handling unit coils.
  • Sound and vibration if required.

Water Balancing

Water balancing crosses a large expanse of different type systems. Chilled, Heating, Domestic, Condenser, and Process water systems require adjustment and balancing for proper operation. Unbalanced distribution of any type of fluid results in inefficiencies and causes the system served to work improperly.

Proper water balance has long been ignored in existing facilities and has proven to be the cause of many systems' failure. Air Balancing Company understands that proper water balancing is as important as air balancing. Through this understanding ABC has become a premier water balancing company.

Services include:

  • Survey
  • Troubleshooting
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Design Consulting
  • Ultra-Sound Measurement
  • System Evaluation
  • Adjustment and Balance

Building Commissioning

A new aspect of facility performance has surfaced called commissioning. Commissioning begins in the design phase of new systems or building concepts. It is vital to have a design and operational facility that will meet the owner's requirements and can be operated by the owner without difficulty. Air Balancing Company works with the owner and design team by consulting, reviewing, and testing operation of the building systems. For more information about commissioning, please visit Universal Commissioning Group.

LEED® Services

The requirements for LEED certification are ever-changing. Air Balancing Company teams with owners and design teams to ensure prerequisites and credits are awarded. Utilization of ABC's past project knowledge and over 25 certified projects greatly improves the LEED process for the owner.

The following services are provided by ABC or UCxG:

  • Fundamental Commissioning
  • Enhanced Commissioning
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing and Building Flush

Building/Facility Survey

The use of an existing facility or the upgrade of a system requires knowledge of the operation and installation. A baseline of operation of any type of system is necessary to maintain, modify and upgrade.


Survey Tasks:

  • Energy Consumption
  • HVAC Operation
  • Energy Star® Rating
  • ASHRAE Level I, II and III Audits
  • HVAC Equipment Assessment and Investigation
  • As-Built One-Line Drawings and Schematics

Energy Audits

An energy audit is a systematic approach to problem solving and decision making on a building’s existing HVAC equipment. Energy audits are becoming increasingly popular and important to building owners for two main reasons: 

  • Energy efficiencies of HVAC equipment directly affect the operational cost’s bottom-line, and secondly,
  • Implementing an audit’s recommendation allows “boasting rights” to promote the buildings improved “green” and sustainable environment efforts.

We have specialized and certified professionals to conduct custom audits and assessments. In fact, troubleshooting problem equipment is an area in which we excel. Learn more about the energy audit process.

Specialized Services

Does your building require an evaluation or review of equipment you don't see on our list? We can help. Our years of experience and knowledge can create a solution to fit the specific need. We are known in the industry as solution-oriented troubleshooters.


Specialized Tasks:

  • Ultra Sound Measurements
  • LEED® IAQ Measurement
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Control Sequence Testing and Timing
  • Central Plant Optimization
  • Existing Conditions Documentation "As Built"